Shreyas Technologies

We are a Recruitment Firm and a Human Resource Outsourcing company that anticipates, develops and fulfills the human resource needs of its clients and partners. Since our incorporation in the year 2000, we broadly handle IT Placements, Payroll Outsourcing and Staffing.

Experience with the IT industry for years has given us a reputation for the quality of resumes we send and for placing senior management in top IT companies like IBM, SAP, HP among others.

Our Services

Shreyas Integrated Systems offers services in staffing for companies in the IT and Retail industries. Staffing involves finding the right people, with the right skillsets and abilities, and getting them placed in the right organization. In knowledge economies, where talent becomes the new capital, this discipline has an added significance in helping organizations achieve a competitive advantage. Our Staffing services can be broadly classified into three distinct areas, depending on your specific requirements.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing can meet the short-term needs of your organization or when you want to outsource all your non-core functions to the temporary staff.



Contingency Staffing

Contingent employees work on a temporary basis either to compensate for the work of an employee on leave or to take up specific jobs that require a seasonal or cyclical work pattern.



Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing comes in handy when you wish to enter into a “co-employment” relationship with a labor contractor like us. We would then supply staff for a specific function and time period, at specified hourly rates.


Our Methodology

With a specialized service offering and a proven expertise in large MNC accounts management, we are well-equipped to address the requirements in the HR services space in the IT sector and the booming retail industry.

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